Code Contribution Program

The Code Contribution Program (or CCP) is aimed towards allowing anyone to contribute source code for STE.

Please note:

  • The code must be written by you, with attribution given (and URL) if you have used part of someone else's code
  • Submitted code may be written in any programming language that you like, but preferably object-oriented in nature
  • If your code requires external libraries, please refer to these so that I don't need to look for them myself
  • Most of this wiki can be edited anonymously, but to submit code you must be signed in to your Wikidot account
  • Adapting code that was submitted to the CCP by someone else is fine, but please create a new page
  • You agree that I may use and adapt your code any way that I see fit, and I do not owe you any royalties for use of your code

If I use part of your code, you will be recognised:

  • With a link in the changelog back to the wiki page you create
  • Your name added to the 'About' dialog
Contribute some Code!

Submitted by Last updated Language used Used in STE?
GoVegan 02 Jul 2011 08:29 JavaScript Not yet!
leiger 11 Jun 2011 05:12 Java YES
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