SCP-6084 long horse
Item#: 6084
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Any sightings of SCP-6084 are to be reported about immediately, any photos on the internet of this being are to be deleted and individual who posted up on there are to be tracked down and given Class-g Amnestics. and contain a football stadium with pine trees in site-182 but other SCPs with SCP-6372-4 Vampire Poppy SCP-6372-5 Werewolf Branch & SCP-1845

SCP-6084 is to also be tracked by a implant in their skin to keep watch of where they go and what happens afterwards due to it being containable. Please be advised that SCP-6084 is not and will not be a threat to either foundation nor civilians.

Currently SCP-6084 isn't deemed a physical threat, instead all personnel please be advised for future events when SCP-6084's presence has been made.

Description: SCP-6084 is resembled to be a long and bony entity, their head resembling the skull of a horse with black hair still attached to their scalp, on other limbs of their lengthy body are seen to also have hair aswell, their skin is closely similar wax if touched. Its behavior is quite curious plus its deathly quiet when nearby, allowing it to be unnoticed very easily except for the long cracking of its neck whenever bending or moving it in different shapes or angles. It also strangely smells like cinnamon.

Their body seems to have no end, allowing it to appear behind buildings, signs, objects, etc at will. When following the length of the body it seems to stretch infinitely, having no end in sight, no matter how far its body can be tracked down.

The being itself isn't hostile but usually whenever it appears it most of the time means something bad or awful is coming to the area(Floods, Hurricanes, etc). It was last spotted on the shore of Florida before disappearing afterwards, Hurricane Dorian was soon found out about after this event.

Back to the cave subject, we've also been finding writing around suburbs in different neighborhoods we the same creature craved on the concrete, brick, etc, with the words saying, "Long Horse isn't here to harm us, it's here to protect us."

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