Item#: 6316
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6316 remains only partially contained. MTF Pi-1 ("City Slickers") have succeeded in establishing a defensible perimeter around the Port Campbell National Park of SCP-6316, with cases of SCP-6316-A largely ceasing their attacks on the perimeter of the Foundation-held area. A long-term research base is currently under construction, and Mobile Task Force commanders are preparing an assault on the SCP-6316 jelly walker war. Current short-term aims involve the capture of, and extension of the defensible perimeter to, the SCP-6316 Journalist of the SCP-6316-A entities. Long-term aims involve efforts to halt, hinder, or control the production of the SCP-6316-A entities, and to assault the SCP-6316, from mars.

Description: SCP-6316 is a appearance of jelly walkers from the game cookie wars they had Jelly all over the body of SCP-6316 some are jelly trolls with skin and hair they had martian technology SCP-6316 is locate in the Port Campbell National Park some SCP-6316 had some yellow jelly bean eyes & large splash of Jelly for the body of SCP-6316 the other of SCP-6316 had jelly trolls with hair and space suits and color skin with splash of Jelly for the body

The fighting-machines of SCP-6316 are assembled in the jelly walker pits by handling-machines before activation and each tripod possesses an unspecified number of tentacles, one of which can retract into the tripod when its primary weapon, the Heat-Ray, is not in use. The tentacles are also able to hold a Magnetic Acceleration Cannon. Tentacles were also used in the novel to pick up people, throw them at objects, and even rip up small trees, indicating a high degree of strength and precision.

The head is described as a "brazen" hood that holds the jelly pilot. Whether "brazen" here refers to the hood being made of a brass-like substance or its attitude is uncertain. The head can turn in any direction. The tripod as a whole appears as if it is made from a substance similar to aluminum.

The jelly walker tripod also is composed of a segment known as the "body", for which there are few details. The body apparently contains a jet, which can fire pressurized steam in order to dissipate black smoke. This steam is capable of breaking glass, and would surely cause a nasty burn, but is not shown in use as a weapon. There are also three legs. The novel never shows tripod legs being used to injure anyone directly, although this is a common occurrence in later works.

On the back of each tripod is what looks like a metal fishing basket, which it uses to hold humans that it captures with its tentacles.

The tripods in the original book could be destroyed by human weapons, usually artillery, although losses were usually heavier for the humans than the jelly walkers. A number of later works assert that this is impossible.

According to one instance in the book, the machine gives off a howl that is given as "Aloo!" However, this should not be confused with "Ulla", a sound given off by the jelly walkers themselves.

The assembly process of the fighting machines is somewhat uncertain. When the jelly walkers first arrive at earth, they erect a device which functions like a heat ray to defend themselves. Later on, they are said to have moved in something like a large covered dish, which is probably the hood of a fighting machine, and some components of the vehicle itself not yet set up in a fully erect form.

some SCP-6316 Journals have found at london the Journals are read by Dr. Alto Clef

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