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Item#: 6700
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6700 is contain in a enclosure room with 3 rooms from floor to ceiling underground in site 36 the containment door can be open by using a level 1 key card for opening SCP-6700's cell If any civilian is caught inside of the SCP-6700 containment's cell km radius, they are to be brought in for questioning, and are to be administered Class-A or Class-G Amnestics

  • One 5 m x 3 m storage room capable of storing food water and a cooking for 6700
  • One 20 m x 15 m workshop and dining area which contains all salvaged technology, including SCP-6700-1
  • One 5 m x 7 m sleep area and rest facility, furnished with seating and bedding fitting SCP-6700's boots and jumpsuit and papers to draw

the enclosure and is automatically monitored at all times by computer and once daily by staff, to check for impurities. Filters are to be changed weekly or any time impurities are found in the air. Two separate lighting systems are used in the enclosure: One which produces power over a 100kg & food & water at 140kg. The primary lighting system is to remain active at all times to facilitate observation. The secondary lighting system may be turned on or off at SCP-6700's discretion. At no point are forbidden elements and chemicals to be introduced into the enclosure above prescribed proportions listed in Manual M-6700-1. Personnel, and any items brought with them, will be checked for traces of these chemicals prior to being allowed access to the enclosure. and SCP-6700-1 to be on SCP-6700's hand at all times.

Description: SCP-6700 is a pop troll but its 15 years old is immortal & the height is 162 cm in or 63.8 in the skin & hair color is pink his feet wears Long Fall Boots & a worn-out orange jumpsuit but with the upper part folded down and tied around her waist revealing a white tank top bearing the Aperture logo and tight-fitting pale blue shorts or pants She also wears a white wrap up the wrist on her right hand & presumably to provide joint support while holding SCP-6700-1

SCP-6700-1 how ever is a portal gun name Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device riginally marketed in the 1950s as an Aperture Science Portable Quantum Tunneling Device, also commonly known as a Portal Gun or by its acronym, "ASHPD", is an experimental tool used to create two portals through which objects can pass to 238,900 mi to the moon

Used in the Enrichment Center's testing tracks, it is a Test Subject's primary tool to complete each test, SCP-6700-1 as well as being a mandatory travel aide outside of testing areas. used by SCP-6700

testing of SCP-6700 with SCP-783's containment cell gone wong SCP-783 started to crooked SCP-6700 the body of SCP-6700 started crooked SCP-6700's body except the head SCP-6700 was give a cure of SCP-783 the body of SCP-783 cured SCP-6700 & never test of SCP-783 with SCP-6700

a another test with SCP-682 with SCP-6700 to ask questions When SCP-682 started attacking SCP-6700 & SCP-682 saw was a decoy with SCP-6700 laughing at 682 Stays in his cell

a another test with SCP-6700 drawing a image about his home town it shows a image with trolls intended with humans & a image of SCP-6700 with a boyfriend & friends at school name Trollstopia high school in Idaho and a another image with a portal opening at school a group of soldiers came to get SCP-6700 and disappears to dust a image a boy crying and final image is earth but it spelled tearth SCP-6700 starts to cry and went to his room

maybe SCP-6700 is a ailen from an another earth or another reality to came to earth to do testing with SCP-6700 some day trolls another planet come to earth to get SCP-6700 home or wait to see SCP-6700 make a card wait for his friends to come.

Addendum SCP-6700-A: was found in an abandoned facility in Upper Peninsula of Michigan research people to find dinosaur bones they drill 12km underground they found a hit metal floor a they dust off unbreakable floor and started to dig the way it was a abandoned facility inside was test chambers they look at each other what on earth they just discovered? when the SCP foundation they saw SCP-6700 doing testing in a test cell they saw it was pan and transport to a SCP site to more research.

Log SCP-6700-B 02/07/2021

<Begin Log>
Dr iceberg:hi guard I what to see SCP-6700

Guard: ok dr iceberg

System:opening door

Dr iceberg: hello SCP-6700

SCP-6700: um hi

Dr iceberg:So SCP-6700 what is your nickname

SCP-6700: I'm poppy kendrick

Dr iceberg: so we called you SCP-6700

SCP-6700:um yes um why you called me SCP-6700

Dr iceberg: we are SCP it stans for surecure contain protect

SCP-6700: so your also facility contain me with rest of these creatures and me also

Dr iceberg: So your Object Class is safe

SCP-6700: um what's a Object Class
Dr iceberg: All anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena requiring Special Containment Procedures are assigned an Object Class. An
Object Class is a part of the standard SCP template and serves as a rough indicator for how difficult an object is to contain. In the
Object Classes are for the purposes of identifying containment needs, research priority, budgeting, and other considerations. An SCP's
Object Class is determined by a number of factors, but the most important factors are the difficulty and the purpose of its containment.

SCP-6700:um so I'm an SCP of the Foundation

Dr iceberg: yes so I'm going to take you to your containment cell

SCP-6700:What is a containment cell

Dr iceberg: an containment cell it use to contain SCPs that no can't leave.

Dr iceberg: now lets get your own continement cell

SCP-6700: ok

<End Log> 02/07/2021

SCP-173 with 5 D-Class & SCP-6700 02/16/2021

<Begin Log>
dr clef:d class & SCP-6700 inside SCP-173 containment cell
SCP-6700: its spooky
D-8623: come on SCP-6700 you cannot blink at 173
SCP-6700: ok
SCP-6700: omg
snap snap snap snap
SCP-6700: i need to blink i got sand in my eyes
dr clef: no SCP-6700 don't blin-
dr clef: o man i re classified SCP-6700
SCP-6700: what!
dr clef: guards get SCP-6700 out of 173's cell
Guard: ok

  • dr bright is not allowed to ask SCP-6700 to put SCP-035 as a party mask it was a disaster
  • dr bright is not allowed to put millions of SCP-6700 in SCP-049's containment cell to surgery tests the result millions of SCP-049-2s
  • dr bright is not allowed to covered a planet with millions of SCP-6700
  • dr bright is not allowed to put SCP-6700 on SCP-610 it was a disaster
  • dr bright is not allowed to put SCP-6700 drop it to a black hole drop it to the sun with 682 drop it to earth's core drop it to SCP-2915
  • launch it to space launch it to SCP-1094-EX launch it to SCP-3953 or launch it at SCP-2399
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