Dr. Meilin's Proposal

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Item#: 001
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-001’s whereabouts and location SCP-001 has not been given to contain by the foundation, If SCP-001 is discovered he must be contained to ensure that any of that never happens again.

Description: SCP-001 is a 166.249 m tall Titan, constructed primarily of brushed white metal with black and red highlights. He’s a humanoid with a broad upper torso and thin legs, with holes resembling eyes along his entire body. His hands are black, with three fingers ending in pointed red claws. The head has a massive mouth with multiple nested jaws of squared teeth. The head is covered by a red helmet that connects to a spinal cord down his neck. This helmet has multiple lines and lights analogous to eyes. Two horn-like protrusions rise above the back of his head, curving around his face and splitting into three horns pointing downwards on each side. His chin has four more protrusions similar to a beard, the outer pair longer than the inner pair. Attached to his back is a cape-like plate featuring ten cylindrical thrusters and five arms from the thrusters; he displays a certain amount of intelligence similar to any other highly Intelligent SCPs.

Stored below his back is a giant, collapsible, red and black sniper rifle designated as SCP-001-Rifle, which he can freely draw to fire energy blasts. SCP-001 also summons two large octahedron-shaped sentries above his head both designated as SCP-001-A and SCP-001-B, and a ring of seven smaller tetrahedron-shaped sentries around his body.

Addendum 001.1: Discovered on Aug 16th 1995, SCP-001 founded via Voyager Probes by both SCP and RPC Personal, nearly 198 light years away from Earth, they know where our planet is, and they know they will come here in the future. A meeting is held between SCP-001 and Dr. Aloadae Mraz.

Interview 001-1

Opening Note: Preliminary interview conducted in order to ascertain SCP-001's level of intelligence and gather information regarding him and their history. Interview conducted by Dr. Aloadae Mraz.

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