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Extensions allow you to automate some features of STE by adding extra functionality to the application.

Unfortunately, whilst they are a good idea, their use is somewhat limited by a lack of useful commands.

The "input" feature can also be very annoying, leading to several pop-up dialogs. The ListPages extension is a good example of this problem as it presents users with an astounding 17 pop-up dialogs before the extension even does anything! This has irked many users, and whilst the problem will be fixed in a future release of STE, it could take a while.

Installing an extension

TODO: Quick link to Extensions Gallery with an explanation of how to install extensions using the gallery.

Developing extensions

Your first extension

TODO: Simple "Hello World" tutorial

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append Hello, World!

Full method list

TODO: Add list of methods/commands that are available to developers.

Developer mode

Developer mode is a feature introduced in v3.23 (New Year edition).1

Currently, developer mode must be enabled using a separate program available from the official download page. The program doesn't show any output so it is not clear whether the program has worked or not. You must manually check STE to see if developer features have begun working.

There is only one developer feature at the moment:

The original intent for this feature was to allow developers to test their extensions before releasing them onto the gallery,2 but users have found other ways of using it – such as creating private extensions for themselves that wouldn't usually benefit the community at large, and therefore are not suitable for submission to the gallery.

TODO: How to create a developer extension.

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