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Below is a list of features available to STE users. Read about STE for more information.

Current features

  • Completely cross-platform, meaning that it will work on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. You just need the Java Runtime Environment (most computers already have this installed).
  • Requires no installation - there is no installer, because it isn't needed. Just download the application to the folder you want to run it from! Installation instructions.
  • Allows you to completely bypass Wikidot's web interface to edit your website. No more waiting for pages to load on a slow connection!
  • Quickly edit hundreds of pages, completing tasks that would usually take you several days in only a few hours at most! You can rename or change tags on many pages at once.
  • Works offline: You can save and re-open Wikidot pages to your computer - all meta data and formatting is preserved! Perfect for those occasions where you need to get some work done but know that you won't have access to a stable Internet connection.
  • Supports Wikidot syntax: Buttons and menus provide access to Wikidot syntax. If you're new to Wikidot, you won't need to remember all of the syntax!
  • Highly customisable: Change the appearance of the editor, hide toolbar buttons, and extend the capabilities using extensions!
  • Highly-active development schedule: The program is regularly updated, and the developer listens to all feature requests!
  • Automatic checking for updates: STE can tell you if a new version is available, so you don't have to visit the website to check this manually!

Future features

  • Preview feature to work offline, identify modules, and more - Request
  • General usability improvements - Request, though this will probably be ongoing long after that wish is marked as accepted as small improvements to usability are added with every release
  • Possible iOS release - Main article, Twitter: leiger_
  • ListPages module might be re-added as a feature (pop-up wizard for adding module to page) - Twitter: leiger_
  • Parenting a whole category - Request
  • Loading dialogue for the preview function - Request
  • Delete whole category at once - Request
  • Extension instruction: copy pages - Request
  • Show created and updated info in Page Meta dialog - Request
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