Keyboard shortcuts

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Keyboard shortcuts are an important aspect of using STE because it allows power users to accomplish tasks much quicker than if they had to use menus for everything.

The list below is intended to be a comprehensive list of all current keyboard shortcuts that can be used in STE. Shortcuts that have been disabled or changed in the current version of STE should be removed from the list.

Generic shortcuts

Windows & Linux Mac OS X Function
Alt Alt Selects the "File" menu, allowing you to navigate menus using the keyboard.
F4 F4 Settings/Preferences dialog. Allows you to customize your experience and change useful settings.
Alt+F4 Alt+F4 Exit STE. Closes the application, prompting you to save any changes first.
F11 F11 Check for updates. A dialog will popup once the check is complete to inform you if you are using the latest version of STE or not.
F12 F12 About STE. Use this shortcut to view version information, release date, license information, and a list of credits. Please check this from time to time to see a list of people that have contributed to making STE what it is today!

Opening and Saving

Windows & Linux Mac OS X Function
Ctrl+N ⌘+N New file. Clears the text area, asking you if you want to save your changes first.
Esc Esc Close file. This currently does exactly the same as 'New file' (Ctrl+N / ⌘+N).
Ctrl+ O ⌘+O Open file. Pops up a dialog asking you to select a file from your HDD or a network.
Ctrl+S ⌘+S Save. Saves the current file using the default file name. If the file name is not known, it prompts the Save As dialog instead.
Ctrl+Shift+O ⌘+Shift+O Import. Allows you to retrieve pages from – source code, title, tags & parent are imported. Requires Internet connection.
Ctrl+Shift+S ⌘+Shift+S Export. Allows you to send a page from STE to – source code, title, tags & parent are exported. Requires Internet connection.

Editing documents

Windows & Linux Mac OS X Function
F5 F5 Page meta data dialog. Lets you modify the title, parent page, and tags of the currently-loaded page.
Ctrl+Shift+P ⌘+Shift+P Preview page. This feature lets you test changes to plain syntax (modules not yet supported). It uses the API and therefore requires an Internet connection.
Ctrl+F ⌘+F Find/Search dialog. This feature helps you to find certain phrases in your document allowing you to manually replace parts of your code if needed. Find and Replace is planned for the future1.
Ctrl+Z ⌘+Z Undo. Undoes the last change that you made to the editor. History is infinite, limited only by amount of available computer memory.
Ctrl+Y ⇧+⌘+Z Redo. Redoes the last change that you undid (in case you use Undo accidentally). History is infinite, limited only by amount of available computer memory.
Ctrl+X ⌘+X Cut. Using this shortcut removes the selected text from the editor, and adds it to your system clipboard.
Ctrl+C ⌘+C Copy. Using this shortcut makes a copy of the selected text in the editor, and adds it to your system clipboard.
Ctrl+V ⌘+V Paste. Using this shortcut inserts the most recent entry to your system clipboard into the editor. Any selected text will be replaced.
Backspace Backspace Delete. If some text is selected, it will be deleted. If no text is selected, a single character to the left of the cursor will be deleted.
Ctrl+A ⌘+A Select all. Selects all text in the editor window.
Ctrl+E ⌘+E Deselect. Any text that you have selected in the editor window will no longer be selected.


Windows & Linux Mac OS X Function
Ctrl+P ⌘+P Print. This shortcut opens up a generic print dialog where you can select the printer to use and some other settings.


Windows & Linux Mac OS X Function
Alt+E Alt+E Manage extensions. Opens up the settings / preferences dialog, and jumps to the 'Extensions' tab.
Alt+1..0 Alt+1..0 Launch extension. Launches the extension associated with that shortcut. The first extension is Alt+1, followed by Alt+2, Alt+3, …, Alt+8, Alt+9, Alt+0. The 11th and subsequent extensions do not have a shortcut associated with them.

Getting some help

Windows & Linux Mac OS X Function
F1 F1 Documentation. Launches the documentation for STE, located on the official website, in your default internet browser application.
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