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Item#: 6000
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6000 is to be kept in a reinforced containment cell. Any and all interactions with SCP-6000 are to be monitored throughout the entire duration.

SCP-6000's cell is to be kept under 30 degrees, keeping its body in a more solid state. In case of containment breach, Liquid Nitrogen Fire Extinguishers are to be readily available to be use against SCP-6000. all captured specimens are to be kept isolated from each other.

Description: SCP-6000 is a 2 to 3 meter tall creature with its body composed 95% of a black, liquid-like substance most reminiscent to that of liquid Ink. The only known "solid" form in its anatomy is its teeth, which after study are confirmed to be Human teeth. Its eyes make up 70% of its face, with its mouth consistently grinning. Its arms are twice the length of its legs, and its hands appear outfitted in white gloves as part of the hand.

It's able to alter its own body - stretching its limbs to five times their normal length, and compress itself to an almost 2D level. It is extremely hostile, and has a murderous, slight sadistic nature towards humans in particular. A habit of SCP-6000 killings is removing all the teeth, with an ink-like substance being found both on and in the body, due to forceful consumption of SCP-6000's liquid to the point of rupture. (its preferred method of killing)

The "Incident": During one of its Containment Breaches which it destroyed its containment cell door, SCP-6000 was cornered and locked within a boiler room. During this, SCP-6000's liquid body started to boil due to the heat until it boiled away to basically nothing except for the teeth. The foundation labeled it as Neutralized.

However, several months later, sightings of "Cartoon Cats" began to reemerge outside of the Foundation again, only this time the forms are smaller and simpler in appearance compared to the original, curiously after other sightings of "black rain" beforehand. The Foundation hypothesized that the original SCP-6000 turned into a gas-like substance after boiling away from its liquid state, and somehow managed to break outside the foundation as part of the Water cycle commonly known (the gas bring formed into the clouds, and coming down as rain).

The foundation currently has several specimens of SCP-6000 in containment, and on high alert for any more possible sightings.

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