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Description: SCP-6056 The specimen is sentient and looks human. In his passive state he is indistinguishable from a Caucasian teenager between the ages of 13-15. In this relaxed mode he has black hair and blue eyes and his body is tangible.

When active SCP-6056's hair will turn white, his eyes will glow green and he is markedly more aggressive. In this state he can turn invisible, fly, shoot energy beams from his hands and eyes, duplicate his form, summon ice from the air and possesses superhuman strength. All of these effects are neutralized by the shield and he can only damage people or objects inside.

This aggravated state is rare under normal containment procedures and seems to happen when intentionally triggered by SCP-6056. White rings mask the transformation and afterwards SCP-6056 will always be wearing a black and white jumpsuit. This does not change no matter what its passive form was wearing at time of transformation.

Primary reports on SCP-6056 prove sentience and his mental capabilities are on par for a human of his visual age. Psychological profiles revealed a strong will to help others and other empathetic tendencies.

SCP-6056 has shown an extreme dislike for the containment facility and the foundation. He brings up his desire for release often. Reasoning with the subject has proved fruitless and he will often say that he needs to be released so he can protect the city we obtained him in.

SCP-6056 has not been told about any events occurring in his hometown of ████ ████

Further profiling of SCP-6056 is to be handled by ████ Forbes Psy.D. As well as doctor ████ and ████████

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