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Item#: 6384
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: The area containing SCP-6384, currently a region of the Bay of Bengal roughly 300km in diameter, is to be routinely patrolled by Foundation naval vessels. Under no circumstances are civilians allowed to attempt deep sea exploration or diving efforts in the quarantined area. Individuals believed to have contacted SCP-6384 are to be contained, quarantined, and processed at Site-151. Individuals affected by the anomalous properties of SCP-6384 are to be held in containment indefinitely.

The Foundation submarine SCPF Eremita is to monitor the location of the foremost section of SCP-6394, currently located within the Ganges Fan, roughly 0.7km beneath the Bay. The Eremita is tasked with carrying out the Atzak Protocol, and staffing regulations onboard the vessel are subject to the guidelines of that protocol. For a full description of the Atzak Protocol,

There is currently SCP-6384; as such, affected individuals should be contained and quarantined for further evaluation. Individuals stationed aboard the SCPF Eremita are not permitted to leave the vessel except for the purposes of carrying out the necessary procedures of the Atzak Protocol. Individuals who leave the vessel without proper authorization are to be considered lost.

Under no circumstances should any individual interact with SCP-6384 without authorization.

Description: SCP-6384 depicts a spider or octopus-like creature of epic proportions.

From what we are able to see in the image, it has up to eleven varyingly thick legs that have a single joint that bends surprisingly early on, leading to a much longer lower legs. The appearance of it’s feet are currently unknown (if it has any).

All of the creature’s legs have a meeting point at a large, oval-shaped epicenter, presumably the creature’s body or head. Underneath this head emanates a strange, red glow. This could possibly indicate where it’s mouth is, or perhaps the part of the body it uses to create it’s signature webs.

Strangely, we do not see any sort of abdomen or other body area of the creature besides the head mentioned above, which gives more of the appearance of cephalopod. We cannot know for sure as we are unable to see the full head of the creature, only the underside of it.

Assuming that the signs in the distance is about 20 Feet or 6 Meters, we can estimate that what we can see of the creature is about 177.1 Feet or 54 Meters tall. Keep in mind that this is only the visible part of the creature, and the true height of the beast could be much, much larger.

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