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Item#: 6530
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6530 is permitted to leave their containment cell at any time accept for testing and sleeping hours. SCP-6530 thinks it is part of the D - Class and is led to believe its purpose is to test things out. If this illusion is broken, SCP-6530 is to be contained immediately and tested once it's calmed down. In this instance please notify Dr. Oswald Cornelius for further procedures to re-evaluate said illusion.

Things like coloring books and crayons are allowed in its containment unit during free hours, but must be taken away by staff during sleep hours. Pencils and pens are NOT permitted any any seen usage of a pen by SCP-6530 should be noted and taken away immediately.

Things like soft toys with no hard surfaces are allowed every Friday for SCP-6530 to sleep with for good behavior. If It's behavior is not acceptable during the week it is to be noted Saturday morning that SCP-6530 should not be aloud to have coloring or crayons and should be left alone all day in its containment cell.

All personnel are allowed to speak to SCP-6530 so long as they do not hinder the illusion of it being human. If this is to happen, again SCP-6530 will be contained immediately and tested in the morning.

During its containment in its room, the door must be guarded by two guards. any more is a use of guards. Any less risks exposure and bad behavior.

Description: SCP-6530 is humanoid and can pass as human to any other human. Though creatures like SCP-999 can tell it is not of human origin and sometimes will be hesitant to approach them. SCP-6530 has long black curly / wavy hair that is requested to be toed back. If SCP-6530 uses the hair tie for any other purpose please talk to any level 2 cleared personal to take care of it. SCP-6530's other features have been noted to be feminist in suggesting it is female. All staff and D - Class members must refer to it as she.

After the incident of a explosion SCP-6530 is required to wear a stabilizer / modified shock collar as a stabilizer. SCP-6530 can only take it off every Friday night. Every other night it must stay on. SCP-6530 still thinks this stabilizer is used for testing. Any mentions of it being otherwise should be documented and reported. Failure to do so will result in immediate redaction or extermination.

Addendum 1 | Today we tested its ability to read. It seems to be in its infant or toddler stage from when we found it in [REDACTED]. So far it has been able to read and follow through with the small cardboard books we've given it. Later we gave it chapter books to see if it could read words without pictures. Sure enough it was leaning on the table reading. For a toddler human look alike it's reading capabilities are rather strange. SCP-6530 test B - 9 are level four clearance and higher only. Addendum 10 | SCP-6530 has found common interest in SCP-107. It asks about why such a beautiful doll is kept here. If SCP-6530 asks about SCP-107 please do not answer questions. Addendum 12 | All SCP-6530 from here on out will be documented by Dr. Oswald Cornelius. Today's tests showed that SCP-6530 feels most comfortable around Dr.Cornelious. We've set all other authorized personnel to D-Class and higher because of this. Addendum 13 | SCP-6530 has taken a rather kindly approach to all D - Class personnel and ha seven formed small bonds with certain D - Class members. Addendum 21 | After tests with SCP-294, SCP-6530's request was chocolate milk. After receiving such the power in the containment cell shut down. It is suspected that SCP-6530 asked for another beverage during this time but we are unsure of what. We are beginning to see SCP-6530 question things more. We are worried it ha started to develop knowledge of its true existence. Any further tests that show SCP-6530's awareness should be documented and reported immediately. Failure to do so will be immediately extermination.

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