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Item#: 6703
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6703 is to be contained within a 10x10x10 meter Y-47 Heavy Class containment chamber at all times. Under no circumstances are personnel permitted to enter the chamber unless authorized by either Lead Researcher Bascom or Site Director Hollender. All personnel who enter the chamber are required to be wearing the specially designed Hollender Anomaly Exculsion System (Henceforth referred to as the HAES Suit) at all times. The only personnel who enter SCP-6703's containment chamber are D-class personnel exclusively and researchers and guards are not authorized to enter the chamber under any circumstances. A garrison of 20 armed personnel of MTF Gamma-14 "Sculptors" is to be stationed and monitor SCP-6703-2 movements and report atypical activities to senior research personnel on duty.

In the event of a containment breach, Wing 87-4 is to be sealed regardless of personnel within the wing, and is to not be opened until Alpha-1 of MTF Gamma-14 "Sculptors"1 arrives and terminates all SCP-6703-2 instances. All personnel infected by SCP-6703-2 entities are to be terminated immediately and are not to be spared. All Alpha-1 MTF Gamma-14 personnel who enter the contaminated area of SCP-6703 are required to wear the HAES MK. II Suit at all times. If SCP-6703-2 instances spread beyond Site-91, MTF Nu-7 "Hammer Down" is to be transported to the facility and suppress the outbreak. If MTF Nu-7 fails in their task, Site-91's Alpha Warhead and Omega Warhead silos are to be detonated. If SCP-6703-2 instances survive, all MTF units in the area are to reroute to the remains of Site-91 to prevent a ZDK-Class Earth-Termination Scenario2 from occurring.

SCP-6703 emits a constant flow of yellow gems, that have yet to be classified, onto the floor and walls of the containment chamber containing it. It has been noted that if the crystallization is allowed to continue over a period of one month, walls that the crystals have formed on will collapse. To prevent this event, the chamber is to be cleaned fortnightly. D-class personnel are to be outfitted with the HAES Suit, power chisel, and jackhammer. Personnel are to not be inside of the chamber for a duration longer than 35 minutes, as the crystallization will begin to form on subjects.

HAES Suit Procedures: The HAES Suit is a hazardous materials outfit that has been specially designed to inhibit the rate of spread of the crystallization process on the suits. Before entering the containment chamber, all personnel must enter a decontamination chamber and after exiting all HAES Suits must be stored into the secure locker outside of the decontamination room. All suits are to be cleaned biweekly and returned to the secure storage locker. If any damage is sustained on the suit, repair is to be conducted and the suit is to not be in use during this period under any circumstances.

MTF Gamma-14 Training and Tactics: MTF Gamma-14 operatives are to be issued the HAES Mk. II Suit, which features more protection from physical contact, a built in radio headset into the helmet for easier communication, a tool bag containing the following:

Duct Tape
Power Drill
Power Chisel
M9 Sidearm Pistol with six magazines of ammunition
All MTF Gamma-14 operatives are to maintain a distance of six feet from SCP-6703-2 instances and under no circumstances are personnel to make skin contact with SCP-6703-2 or SCP-6703 manifestations.

Description: SCP-6703 is a 3.35 meter tall obelisk which emanates a constant yellow glow from the 26 visible gemstones on the outside of the obelisk. The obelisk appears to consist of a rock that is light black in color. Preliminary tests show that the obelisk does not match any known metamorphic, sedimentary, or igneous geological classifications.

Small yellow gemstones appear out of the obelisk and fall off at seemingly random intervals and starting points. The gemstones appear to have an extremely clean exterior and appear as if polished unnaturally, they are cabochon in shape and are extremely smooth in texture. All materials that have been in contact with SCP-6703's crystallization have been destroyed. From the crystallization process, SCP-6703-2 instances are created within four every hour. SCP-6703-2 instances have been noted to be extremely hostile to all entities, and will actively attack all entities and attempt to place a gemstone on their heart, which will infect the entity and transform them into an instance of SCP-6703-2. It has been noted that all entities exposed to SCP-6703-2 instances have been proven to be capable of infection.

SCP-6703-2 is a manifestation that is created by SCP-6703 and can vary in height, weight, and number of limbs. All instances of SCP-6703 contain a single yellow gemstone, similar to that found on SCP-6703 in the entities' chest. When SCP-6703-2 instances infect an individual, they will remove a shard of gemstone from their chest and place the shard onto the chest of the victim. All aspects of the victim will be transformed into solid stone of the same appearance and texture of SCP-6703. There are veins of multiple colors on the outside of SCP-6703-2 instances. Colors include: Red, blue, green, purple, and a yellow gem growing in the chest. All SCP-6703-2 are to be designated for termination as soon as possible, to reduce the possibility of a containment breach.

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