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Item#: 6710
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6710 is to be kept within a standard containment cube 1x1x1 meters at all times. No more than two personnel are permitted to enter the chamber containing SCP-6710 at a single time. No camera surveillance systems are to be installed within the chamber and under no circumstances are research personnel authorized to view the contents of SCP-6710. Making physical contact with SCP-6710 is strictly prohibited and the only subjects permitted to contact SCP-6710 are D-class personnel during testing phases. SCP-6710 is located in Wing-4F-2 of Site-19 under supervision of Lead Researcher Williams and Site Director Hollender.


Description: SCP-6710 is a cardboard box labelled with the American Shipping company "United Parcel Service". The entity measures 16x10x6 inches. The words "DO NOT OPEN" Appear to have been printed onto the exterior of the object during production. If this was printed by the original producers, or through a third party, is currently being investigated by MTF Lambda-3 "Right Hand Men"1 operatives.

If a subject views the contents of SCP-6710, they will immediately be dragged into the box, and the lid of SCP-6710 will shut for an estimated 19 hours. During this period, opening SCP-6710 is theorized to be impossible by current technological means (see Experiment Logs for more information). When the lid of SCP-6710 is shut, the object vibrates slightly and a faint yellow light is emanating from the underneath the lid. Even after being subjected to multiple tests that should have changed the exterior appearance and texture, SCP-6710 remains in pristine condition despite defying known logic in the world.

Discovery: SCP-6710 was discovered in University of Washington, Washington. Operatives in MTF Lambda-3 were notified when reports of an entire neighborhood going missing was discovered to be true. MTF Lambda-3 operatives investigated the area on 06/12/2017 and found the only remaining evidence to be SCP-6710. After this, SCP-6710 was relocated to Site-64 for experimentation before being moved to Site-19 where it currently is contained.

Failure to be in possession of required credentials will result in application of Class-B amnestics, demotion, and re-assignment. Proceed to Experiment Log if requirements have not been met.

MTF Lambda-3 Internal Investigations Report:

Operative Bravo-1-2 "Hard-Hat": I earned a place on the higher council of the building that produced SCP-6710. I learned that nobody knows the name of the owner, and refer to them as the 'Prodigium". I was tipped off by Council Member ████ and discovered an underground complex of tunnels and caves connecting to a cave entrance with a pool of water that I estimate to be dozens of meters deep. I will descend into the cave further. [This was the last report from Bravo-1-2 before contact was lost]

Operative Bravo-1-3 "Conductor": I was instructed to investigate the disappearance of Bravo-1-2 in the cave. I brought Bravo-1-5 if something should happen to me. We investigated the tunnels and contact with Operative-1-5 was lost after we separated.

Operative Bravo-1-4 "Backlash": I was stationed in the packing and shipping section of the factory, and asked about SCP-6710's origin. A worker that I met, █████ ███ revealed knowing information about SCP-6710. I attempted to extract █████ ███ later that day. However the subject was terminated by an unknown subject before information could be extracted.

Operative Bravo 1-5 "November": I was in the logging section of the factory, working in the office rather than the manual labor tasks. My task was to search the logs to learn the time and date of the creation of SCP-6710. Bravo-1-3 has informed me of the disappearance of Bravo-1-2 and we will be exploring the tunnels below. [Bravo-1-5 is presumed terminated]

Operative Bravo 1-6 "Bachelor": I discovered the name and location of the owner's current location that was responsible for the creation of SCP-6710. I believe I have discovered another anomalous item within the factory that could be producing anomalous items.

Note: Tracking of the owner has been tasked to Bravo 1-6 and is disguised as the [REDACTED].

Experiment Logs

Test SCP-6710-A: (Prior to Surveillance Update) Two D-class personnel were instructed to open the lid of SCP-6710. The two subjects opened the lid and looked at the contents of SCP-6710 simultaneously. Both subjects were dragged into SCP-6710 and the lid was shut for an approximation of 42 hours. SCP-6710 notably shook violently for a duration of 24 minutes.

Test SCP-6710-B: (Prior to Surveillance Update) A M67 fragmentation grenade was detonated on top of the lid of SCP-6710. The area surrounding SCP-6710 was completely destroyed, however SCP-6710 lay on it's side facing the camera in the corner of the testing chamber. Guard █████ was dragged into the lid of SCP-6710 after viewing the contents of the object and following this incident surveillance equipment has been banned from monitoring SCP-6710. (More information is continued in Incident Log-6710-1)

Test-6710-C: SCP-6710 was left in a glass tank full of 2.5 liters of fresh water for a total of 48 hours to test the durability and resistance of SCP-6710. After 24 hours of being submerged, SCP-6710 began to shake violently, and flipped the glass tank onto it's side. After Researcher Vaughn entered the testing chamber, he described to exterior of SCP-6710 to be completely dry and unharmed.

Incident-6710-1:During Test-6710-B, Security Officer █████ was monitoring SCP-6710 and SCP-6710 fell on it's side to face the camera. Officer █████ was immediately dragged into SCP-6710 from the security office. Due to this incident all surveillance equipment was banned from further use. Officer ███, who was stationed in the chamber with Officer █████ attempted to hold Officer █████ back as he was being dragged into SCP-6710, which resulted in both guards to be locked inside of SCP-6710.

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