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Item#: 6711
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6711 is currently being contained within the Site-89 Staff Lounge-A-2. Research personnel are permitted to interact with SCP-6711 during break and testing periods. SCP-6711-2 instances are not to leave the SCP-6711-Alpha area unless authorized by two level 3 research personnel. When SCP-6711 is active, personnel are to note any changes in SCP-6711-Alpha.

Below are the noted environments that SCP-6711 has been viewed manifesting.

Reef Forest
Volcanic springs
Mountain Range/Forest/Swamp combined (most common)
Shattered Forest
Bodegio City

Description: SCP-6711 is a wooden cube, measuring 8 inches on all sides. Nesting triangles of decreasing size covers each side of the cube. On the top side of the object, two blue buttons are present on the surface and when synchronously pressed, SCP-6711-Alpha manifests as the cube opens on all sides and spread to the furthest walls. Each time SCP-6711 is activated, a number of SCP-6711-Alpha manifestations have occurred (view above). SCP-6711 is a board game which is similar to the game "Civilization" and focuses on several factions that the players can choose. SCP-6711 is a two-two-four player game that involves each player attempting to eliminate the other. To win the game, a single player must eliminate or occupy the other factions. There are also several factions to choose from (listed below).

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