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Item#: 6727
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6727-1 through SCP-6727-12 are being kept within Hangar-CS-1 through 3 at Outpost Delta-112. Outpost Delta-112 is located in Southern Alaska, near the Denali National Park and Preserve area. All instances of SCP-6727 are not to be used outside of operations authorized by both Site Administrator Shen and Vonreg, and Head Researcher Grey. Under no circumstances are pilots to take the SCP-6727 instances out of the hangar without clearance. Pilots who disobey these orders will be administered Class C amnestics and considered for demotion based on rank and reputation. SCP-6727 entities are split into three squads of four ships, (henceforth referred to as Cobalt Squad, Hammer Squad, and Crimson Squad) and placed under the command of Captain "Hound" of Crimson Squad. All SCP-6727-2 instances are to be permitted base level clearance and authorized to integrate into human life within the outpost. Each instance of SCP-6727 is to be refueled and munitions are to be reloaded after every mission. There are required to be a minimum of 30 armed security personnel guarding the three hangars at all times to prevent incidents such as Incident.6727.2.

Description: SCP-6727 are a group of 12 F-22 stealth fighter planes. Each plane has a corresponding artificial intelligence designed with extreme accuracy and intelligence compared to modern day technology. The cockpit and engine are outfitted for in-atmosphere as well as out of atmosphere missions. The engines on each SCP-6727 instances has been measured to travel upwards of 3218 kilometers per hour. The SCP-6727 entities are to be locked until they are required for an operation despite requests from onboard artificial systems (henceforth referred to as the GOC1. All SCP-6727-2 instances are to be referred to as the names they possessed before to they entered foundation custody. Below is a list of SCP-6727-2 personnel.

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