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Description: SCP-6733 are a collection of entities that manifest at 2:00 AM and will disappear at 7:00 AM. SCP-6733 are humanoid entities that appear to be female, and have feathered wings, similar to an eagle. Their wingspan measures 14 feet and they can travel upwards of 145 km/h. Each instance is covered in a unknown black mineral everywhere on their body except for their hair, which can float behind the head as if in zero gravity. All instances are 1.7 meters tall and have blonde hair and an American accent. As of the writing of this document, it is currently unknown how many SCP-6733 instances there are. It is confirmed there are more than 500 entities (view Exploration Logs for further information). Veins in the skin will pulse a red hue in a random order, however it has been noted that when SCP-6733 instances are asleep and they are agitated, they will begin flashing red and will scream which alerts nearby SCP-6733 entities.

SCP-6733-Alpha is an opening in the Yosemite National Park, California and the park is currently being run as a foundation front. Mobile Task Force Delta-4 have been posted as Park Rangers to prevent civilians from entering the area surrounding SCP-6733-Alpha. Explorations into SCP-6733-Alpha are strictly prohibited after 13/04 /2021‚Äč (see Anomalous-Log-6733 for further information)

Discovery: SCP-6733 was first discovered when Research Outpost Delta-3-D was attacked by multiple SCP-6733-2 instances, resulting in 4 casualties and 2 missing persons of the 14 personnel stationed at the time. Mobile Task Force Kappa-4 reacted to the threat and discovered SCP-6733-Alpha. Kappa-4 requested permission to enter SCP-6733-Alpha, which was denied. MTF Delta-4 was formed as more SCP-6733-2 instances began manifesting over the park and the surrounding area. Mobile Task Force Delta-4, Kappa-4, Titan-1, and Zeta-6 launched an investigation (log listed below)

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