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Item#: 6789
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-6788 is to be monitored by standard security personnel stationed at Research Outpost-FB-43 located outside the perimeter of SCP-6788. There are two guards required on duty at all times to monitor the SCP-6788-1 instances and alert researchers if any sermons or speeches are recited by SCP-6788-2. Research personnel with level 2 clearance or higher may enter and participate in the sermon while sitting in close proximity with SCP-6788-1 instances and take notes during SCP-6788-2's lectures for possible translations attempts in the future. It is noted that terminating SCP-6788-1 entities aggravates all SCP-6788-1 instances in a three meter range. Affected subjects will begin to do the following: Repeated convulsions over a short and random period of time not exceeding five minutes, loud screams that sound like constant shattering and crunching of glass, and at the most extreme self termination by shattering their head.


SCP-6788 in containment.

Description: SCP-6788 is an old church dating back to 1853. SCP-6788 is located in ██████, California and has a research outpost built outside of the perimeter of the church. SCP-6788 was in near perfect condition until Incident-6788-A when MTF Yankee-3 was exploring the catacombs of SCP-6788 (See Incident-6788-A for more information). SCP-6788 has two rooms, one of which is the main hall where SCP-6788-2 performs sermons and speeches every Sunday at 6:30 AM. The second room are the catacombs beneath the main hall where scribbled writing and notes have been found and deciphered (See Translation-log-6788-A for further details). SCP-6788 currently appears as if the wood on the exterior of the church has peeled off. SCP-6788 has a tendency to manifest instances of SCP-6788-1 and these instances are extremely docile and will be friendly towards foundation personnel.

SCP-6788-1: SCP-6788-1 instances are humanoid figures standing at a varying height from 1.7 to 1.9 meters tall and are sexless, featureless entities. SCP-6788-1 instances are completely made of glass, colored with a tinge of crimson and no discernible features to differentiate one instance from another. SCP-6788-1 entities do not speak English, or any language known to humans, instead, SCP-6788-1 and SCP-6788-2 communicate using a series of high and low pitched cracks, like the sound of crunching glass. SCP-6788-1 entities typically refer to themselves as "Verre", or "Glass" in French. It has been noted on several occasions that SCP-6788 instances use a considerable amount of Latin when translated, topic being investigated. SCP-6788-1 subjects primarily sit in chamber and wait for SCP-6788-2 to start it's lecture. If some subjects choose to not sit and wait, SCP-6788-1 instances have been noted to:

  • Practice instruments such as the organ, cello, piano, trophy triangle, and tambourine.
  • Write new sheets of music
  • Walk around the room in circles
  • █████████████████████████
  • Writing new speeches for SCP-6788-2
  • Return to catacombs where they rest

SCP-6788-2: SCP-6788-2 is the priest that leads SCP-6788 and leads the SCP-6788-1 instances. SCP-6788-2 practices and performs the sermons and speeches and seems to have complete control over all of the SCP-6788-1 instances' movements and actions. Instead of the smooth surfaces and featureless faces of the SCP-6788-1 entities, SCP-6788-2 has a "crown" built into a medieval battlement-shaped rim on the top of its head. SCP-6788-2 measures at 2.1 meters tall and will stand at the raised podium in front of the SCP-6788-1 instances and perform speeches in the same language as SCP-6788-1 (translation attempts ongoing. See translation-attempt-logs for more information). During Addendum-6788-A, a handwritten note from an unknown SCP-6788-1 instance give SCP-6788-2 a name that is frequently referred to by the SCP-6788-1 entities. This name is "Prodigium" which translates to "Monster" in Latin, research ongoing. SCP-6788-2 will only appear inside of SCP-6788 when it is time for it to give it's sermon, after the sermon has concluded SCP-6788-2 will dissipate into the floor and reappear when it is time for the next lecture. SCP-6788-2 has been seen manifesting in the catacombs below the church (See Incident-6788-A for further details).

Discovery: On ██-██-19██, four teenage boys varying in age from 16 to 19 ventured into the abandoned part of town after a devastating forest fire that forced the local town to retreat away from the fire, leaving a silent ghost town where the once busy town once stood. The teenagers were drawn to SCP-6788 and walked inside, once inside the teenagers witnessed SCP-6788-2 manifest in front of the podium and begin it's speech. One of the children used their slingshot to shoot a hole straight through SCP-6788-2's head, sending the entity to fall to the ground and shatter into hundreds of fragments. As soon as the shatter of SCP-6788-2's body was heard throughout SCP-6788 began to exhibit it's more anomalous properties. The bell at the top of the tower swung 12 (twelve) times by itself, all of the SCP-6788-1 instances stood up from their sitting positions to look at the children. All of the teenagers were captured but one, as he witnessed his friends being dragged into the catacombs by SCP-6788-1 instances. The escaping teenager ran home to his parents and told the local police, who contacted the SCP Foundation and moved swiftly to contain SCP-6788. All subjects involved with SCP-6788's discovery have received Class-B amnestics and released from foundation custody. Containment proceeded without incident.

Addendum-6788-A: Several research personnel were exploring SCP-6788 when a trapdoor underneath the podium was exposed. Researchers pursued forward into the catacombs and discovered a hand written note from a SCP-6788-1 instance detailing SCP-6788-2 as a monster.

Note: During the discovery of the catacombs SCP-6788-1 instances became unsettled and some shook violently and slightly glowed around the chest while researchers entered the catacomb.


Translation Attempts With Notes From SCP-6788-1
Due to the recent note found in the catacombs, researchers have devoted their time to crudely translate the page as shown below.

Translation-Log-A: After the discovery of the catacombs and written note, research staff began immediate translation attempts. Results below.
Item: Note written by SCP-6788-1 instance that was found in catacombs underneath SCP-6788.
Prodigium evil [UNINTELLIGIBLE] no trust the seven daughters [UNINTELLIGIBLE]
Watching us [UNINTELLIGIBLE] No punish and they lock us away in [UNINTELLIGIBLE]
Seven monsters [UNINTELLIGIBLE] hurt us. Don't let Prodigium hurt us. Anyone reads this, HELP US.

Note from Lead Researcher ██████: It would appear that the SCP-6788-1 instances have more emotions than previously stated and they are suppressed by SCP-6788-2. If the document is correct, SCP-6788-2 has a negative aura om the SCP-6788-1 entities, possibly controlling their actions and dictating the group of instances. This will be researched further.

Translation-Log-B: After deciphering most of the notes taken from the catacombs, research staff requested a single SCP-6788-1 instance, which was approved by Lead Researcher ██████. The instance was brought to a secure interview room and questioned the entity. Results below. New SCP-6788-1 was renamed "SCP-6788-1-Alpha" for future testing purposes. Speakers with the recorded sounds of SCP-6788-1 instances will be played to form a sentence by Doctor Henry Miller to interact with SCP-6788-1-Alpha.
Item: SCP-6788-1-Alpha instance taken to Research Outpost-FB-43 to the interview chamber.

Foreword: The following interview has been translated from SCP-6788-1's native language to English for the interview log for research purposes.

Note: SCP-6788 is now pending reclassification to the Euclid class because of warnings from SCP-6788-1-Alpha. [REQUEST DENIED]

Incident-6788-A: After Translation-Log-B was concluded Dr. Miller advised a MTF Team to descend into the catacombs to investigate the story SCP-6788-1-Alpha had told him about. [REQUEST APPROVED]. MTF-Zeta-6 "Midnight Trackers" was deployed to investigate catacombs. View transcript log below.

Personnel Assigned to MTF Yankee-3:

Yankee-3-1: MTF Captain ACTIVE
Yankee-3-2: MTF Specialist ACTIVE
Yankee-3-3: MTF Operative UNKNOWN
Yankee-3-4: MTF Operative UNKNOWN
Yankee-3-5: MTF Operative ACTIVE
Yankee-3-6: MTF Operative ACTIVE

Note from Lead Researcher ██████: Yankee-3-3 and Yankee-3-4 were considered missing in action after their bodies were not able to be discovered within 48 hours of Incident-6788-A. It was requested that SCP-6788 be reclassified as a Euclid class. [REQUEST APPROVED]. Following approval another squad of MTF Zeta-6 will be stationed at Research Outpost-FB-43 at all times.
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