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Addendum 6789.1: First visual contact made by the Unit ██████ in ██ / ██ / 1986 at ██: ██ at night.

Note: Following is the dialogue made by the unit when they first made contact with the entity, there is no history of any audio due to the huge sound made by SCP-6789 can damage the device as well as the person who is reading.

Unit ██████ was moving its troop to the location of SCP-6789, only three individuals were with microphones to pass the description of their acts to the Command.

[BEGIN LOG] Alpha: Certain command. We are moving towards the entity, you copy? Command: Yes, Alpha, doing staff count. Bravo: Here. Foxtrot: Here. Command: Alpha, lead the way to the entity, it is some 30 kilometers from you. Alpha: Okay, you heard the command, come on. [END LOG]

From here, the troops of the unit ██████ reached 10 meters from the entity until the described sound was heard, causing the deaths of the agents, the audio of the microphone was soon burst after the signal, not being able to receive even the cries of pain from the rest

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