Editing guidelines

Anyone can edit this wiki - including Anonymous users. However, there are a few rules that contributors must follow.

These rules exist with the intention to:

  • Make everyone feel welcome, and provide a friendly community atmosphere
  • Prevent bucket-loads of notification e-mails being sent to watchers

Editing guidelines

  1. Do not engage in flame wars and/or edit wars. If there is a dispute regarding the contents of a page that cannot be resolved using the "Discuss" option at the bottom of every page, please stop commenting/editing on that particular page (in order to avoid inflaming the situation further) and contact leiger as soon as possible with your concerns.
  2. Think before you edit. When you edit a page watchers are sent notification e-mails. Therefore please think before you edit, i.e. fixing a spelling or grammatical error, adding useful content to the page, or removing inappropriate / off-topic content. This rule mainly applies in the case where people are editing many pages at once and only changing one or two words in each page.
  3. English content should conform to UK English guidelines. Because this wiki is available to users around the world, you should avoid using region-specific spelling or grammar whenever possible. When it is impossible to avoid this, your content should conform to the rules used for English in the United Kingdom. This is similar to Australian English, but differs in many ways to American English.
  4. You must own copyright to files that you upload. You must be the copyright owner of any images or other files that you upload to the wiki. In addition, note that you will be losing that copyright claim by uploading the files here - instead they will be relicensed with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License, which allows others to freely use your files on other pages of the wiki.
  5. Do not upload copies of STE to the wiki. As mentioned in the EULA, STE may not be hosted on any website other than wdeditor.com. Even though this wiki is hosted at that domain, I would like to keep all associated files on the main website for now, and therefore uploading versions of STE to the wiki is forbidden. In most cases no penalty will be given for this, but the files will be removed.


Breaching the rules may result in one or more of the following:

  • The offending content removed from the wiki
  • Warning sent as a Private Message
  • Temporary ban from editing (via IP address range and/or Wikidot account name)
  • Permanent ban from editing (via IP address range and/or Wikidot account name)

Whilst penalties will very rarely be handed out, any decision by the administrator in regards to penalties is final.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License