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This page is linked to from the STE download page and should therefore information about troubleshooting installation problems should be at the top of the page. Other common issues can also be put on this page.

I am having trouble installing the application

If you are having problems with running the JAR file, please check:

  • That the Java Runtime Environment is installed.
  • That the Java Runtime Environment is associated with JAR files.
  • Linux users should also check that the file is "unlocked" in the operating system (right-click, properties).

The application does not seem to work correctly

If you are on Linux, please make sure that you are using the official Sun/Oracle Java Runtime Environment, not an open-source version as these are not officially supported and are known to have caused problems in the past (particularly on Ubuntu).

Once you are sure this is not the problem, then you may have found a bug in STE. Please report this so that it can be fixed. Thanks!

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