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It is highly recommended that you always use the latest version of STE, and you can achieve this by updating the application when a new version is released.

The latest version of STE can always be found by going to the download page on the main website.

Checking for an update can be done by:

  • Manually checking the download page.
  • Selecting the Automatically check for updates at startup box on the General tab of the settings dialog.
  • Pressing F11 at any time in STE v3.30 or above (F8 from v2.00 to v3.25 inclusive).

In the future, there will be no need to visit the main website's download page as updating will be completely automated from within STE.1 It is not known, however, when this will be implemented.


  • The Check for updates feature in v1.21 took about 60 seconds before it detected a problem and displayed an error message. In v2.00 this feature was improved to be much faster, use only 50 lines of code instead of 120, and errors were detected almost immediately.2
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